President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko is for two-chamber parliament with simultaneous decreasing of number of lawmakers.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, the head of the state said this making annual address to the Verkhovna Rada about interior and external position of Ukraine.

V. Yushchenko underlined necessity of full canceling of deputy’s immunity.

The President said how authorities between Upper chamber and Lower chamber should be distributed.

The  Upper chamber should be formed by way of election on majoritarian base and represent regions. There should be a voting age concerning lawmakers in the chamber.

The Lower chamber should be elected on proportional system. Its authorities include adoption of law, which the Upper chamber considers then and also appointing of the government.

V. Yushchenko said about authorities of the President, which should be after carrying out of the constitutional reform.

According to opinion of the head of the state, the President should have national and direct representative mandate, so he should be elected at direct national election.

V. Yushchenko underlined that President should be a guarantor of the state sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Ukraine.