17 August 2017
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Crimea issue should be raised after Donbas conflict settled – German gov't official

The German government's coordinator for intersocietal cooperation with Russia, Central Asia, and the Eastern Partnership countries Gernot Erler opposes the debate on the status of Russian-annexed Crimea until the Donbas conflict is settled, according to Deutsche Welle.

Photo from UNIAN
Photo from UNIAN

In an interview with Funke Mediengruppe, published on Sunday, August 6, the German commissioner has said there is a consensus in Europe that it is necessary first to concentrate on the political settlement of the bloody conflict in the east of Ukraine, and to start discussing the Crimea issue only at a later stage of this "political process", DW reported.

Leader of German liberals urges to "forget" about Crimea occupation for nowErler stressed that mitigation of EU sanctions against Moscow is possible only after the implementation of Minsk agreements, including complete ceasefire in Donbas.

Trump's adviser: U.S. gives support to Ukraine, but looks for areas of cooperation with RussiaAs UNIAN reported earlier, head of the Free Democratic Party of Germany Christian Lindner said in an interview with Funke Mediengruppe that the question of annexation of the Crimea should temporarily be "sealed" while progress must be made first on other issues of relations with Moscow.

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