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"We plan to introduce such a notion as a precinct border officer, who should work with village councils, local population, as well as carry out preventive work," Tsyhykal told Ukrainian TV Channel 5, adding that such an innovation would be implemented based on the existing staff.

He also noted that the SBGSU intends to increase the number of border posts.

"We plan to increase the number of checkpoints at the border and reduce the distance between them," he said. The posts are to be located at a distance of 15-20 kilometers, according to the European standards.

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Read alsoUkraine's General Staff speaks of threats of Russia's West-2017 drillsHe also noted that today the distance between the border posts ranges from 30 km to 100 km or even more, which complicates the border protection.

According to the official, the State Border Service subdivisions have been manned by 60%-70% to date. In the autumn, there will be staff shortage due to the discharge of 3,000 conscript soldiers.

"We will be filling the shortage only by attracting contractors. We will work with the local population, military commissariats and young people," Tsyhykal stressed.