Photo from UNIAN

Volker believes Russia was hoping that it would be able “to keep Ukraine in its orbit as part of the Russian sphere of influence, the greater Russian identity,” according to Deutsche Welle.

“The reality is that their invasion and occupation has created a more nationalist and a more unified and more pro-Western Ukraine. So it hasn't really done much for Russian interests. In fact, it's probably hurt them,” said the U.S. envoy.

Read alsoVolker: Russian-speaking people in Ukraine suffer only in Russian-controlled areaHe says it is clearly “possible this could be dug in by Russia or it could become another frozen conflict.”

“I don't think anybody wants that. I think we should be working to come up with a way to actually resolve it, to see Ukraine get its territory back and to see that the safety and security of all Ukrainian citizens is preserved,” Kurt Volker said.