Party of Regions leader Victor Yanukovych claims that his political force will not allow Ukraine receiving the IMF loan on conditions that will worsen people’s life.

“We support receiving an IMF loan by Ukraine. But we will never allow that Ukraine agree for loan conditions that would significantly worsen life of poor people”, reads the statement of Victor Yanukovych, forwarded to UNIAN by the Party of Regions’ press-service.

According to the politician, the government proposes today to agree that small and middle-scale business pay 200 hryvnias of social tax instead of current 84 hryvnias. “It means that in several months current small businessmen, and there is a million and a half of them in Ukraine, will replenish the army of unemployed”, Victor Yanukovych stresses, adding that the Party of Regions “will never allow that”.

Victor Yanukovych also stressed that the government agrees with the International Monetary Fund to increase the pension age of Ukrainian citizens as early as in 2009. At the same time, according to Victor Yanukovych, the life span in Ukraine is the lowest in Europe, and many people merely can’t wait until they retire on pension.