Party of Regions leader Rayisa Bohatyryova pushes the ministers representing Our Ukraine in the government to resign quicker, according to Ukrayinska Pravda.

      “Today the relevant committee (on the State Construction) has accepted the ministers’ resignation. We hope the Verkhovna Rada will consider this question tomorrow,” she said to journalists on Tuesday.

      Bohatyryova claims that putting the ministers’ resignation on hold hampers the Parliament’s work.

      “One more day will hardly change anything and Our Ukraine is unlikely to formulate what else they need to enter the anti-crisis coalition. We should not hurt it,” urges the Party of Regions member.

      According to her, “the question should be solved radically for the process may drag out so as the ministers will not work and bear responsibility.”

      Bohatyryova says that the anti-crisis coalition has not considered any other candidacies for would-be vacant seats in the Cabinet yet.

      She is not going to claim for Health Minister after the present Minister Yuriy Polyachenko resigns.