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Moscow is looking for an opportunity to launch a full-scale military operation, while Russian special services have "exponentially" intensified their efforts in Ukraine, RBC reports.

"I appeal to you as an officer to an officer. Even in the conditions of war, there are rules that cannot be violated by operatives of security forces. You have crossed all possible lines. Both you and I know that the special services’ operatives are complicit in the organization of terrorist acts in Ukraine’s Odesa, Kharkiv, Kherson, and other cities," said Hrytsak, noting that as a result of the attacks "dozens of people died and many were injured."

Read alsoRussia’s FSB plotting terrorist attacks, high-profile assassinations of state officials in Ukraine – SBU chiefAccording to the SBU chief, Russia, by organizing terrorist attacks, Russia is looking for an excuse to launch a full-scale military operation in Ukraine. Hrytsak has urged his Russian counterpart to halt such efforts.

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