Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko told the business daily Kommersant-Ukraina that he is considering running in both the presidential and parliamentary elections if such polls are to take place, according to RIA Novosti.

"I think I will take part in both," he said.

Ukrainian electoral laws do not currently allow a presidential candidate to run at the same time in elections to the country`s parliament, the Supreme Rada, but the ban is not fixed in the country`s constitution.

Yushchenko said on April 3 that he would agree to early presidential elections only if they take place at the same time as parliamentary polls.

On April 1, Ukraine`s parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of presidential elections to be held on October 25, three months ahead of the date Yushchenko had pushed for. Yushchenko`s popularity ratings have fallen to single figures amid political instability and a shrinking economy.

When asked by the paper why he had lifted his opposition to early elections, the president said: "Early elections are not a tragedy... The Supreme Rada is now a continual source of crisis."

He said the main aim in the new parliament will be to end the continual standoff between the two main parties.

RIA Novosti