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He noted that Russia continues to carry out provocations, hamper the efforts of OSCE observers, and supply weapons and mercenaries to the Ukrainian territory.

"And under such conditions, the deployment of the UN’s "blue helmets" throughout the entire occupied territory of Donbas would be a real breakthrough in the process of a peaceful settlement, a powerful de-escalation factor," Poroshenko said.

The president added that Ukraine had been consistently promoting the initiative for several years. However, according to him, Russia has totally rejected any such possibility for two years and "not all partners, frankly speaking, supported it too actively".

Read alsoPutin wants to distort Poroshenko's UN peacekeepers plan for occupied area of Donbas – GerashchenkoPoroshenko added that as of today, partners do support the Ukrainian initiative.

"We finally heard the reaction from the other side of the front line. Although, of course, we clearly understand that the devil is in the details. Of course, the Russian Federation's proposal to deploy a UN mission only for the purpose of protecting the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission is strange, at the very least. Moreover, it is Russian militants who pose the main threat to the security of international observers," Poroshenko stressed.

The president said that Ukraine is ready for a substantive discussion with the members of the UN Security Council. He believes that the discussion should include a number of fundamental elements. "Firstly, we support the deployment of a full-fledged UN peacekeeping mission throughout Donbas. It should neither be aimed at the preservation of the Russian occupation, nor at the legalization of the Russian military presence. Instead, it should be aimed at ensuring a lasting peace in certain regions [occupied areas] of Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine, and complete restoration of the territorial integrity of our state," Poroshenko said.

According to him, the future UN Mission should be deployed throughout the temporarily occupied territory, including the uncontrolled section of the Russian-Ukrainian state border.

Read alsoPutin supports peacekeepers' deployment in Donbas, sets condition"Thirdly, the said Mission must comply with the guidelines for the implementation of UN peacekeeping operations, which a priori excludes participation of representatives of the aggressor state and the party to the conflict. Fourthly, there any agreement with the Russian militants must be ruled out on the parameters of the future mission of the United Nations. Fifthly, the work on this initiative is by no means the reason for the lifting of existing international sanctions against Russia. They must remain in force until the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine are fully restored through the implementation of Minsk agreements," Poroshenko said.

Read alsoNo signs Moscow ready to retreat from Donbas, withdraw from Crimea - PoroshenkoHe added that it would be extremely difficult to reach an agreement on the parameters of the peacekeeping mission.

"In a week and a half, I am going to the UN General Assembly in New York, and I am sure that by joint efforts, with the help of international partners, first of all Germany, France and the United States, we will establish peace and return all the occupied territories, restore Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity," Poroshenko said.