Victor Yushchenko has met with members of the Our Ukraine Bloc parliamentary faction, according to the President`s press-office.

      They spoke about problems within the bloc and challenges it faces.

      The President stated: “The Our Ukraine Bloc has been and will always be the political force that defends and accompanies Ukraine’s democracy.”

      He said the biggest challenge for the bloc was to find compromises with political forces representing the country’s west and east.

      “I would like to reiterate that compromises, especially on some key issues, are always topical in our relations with any political force. For I am convinced that a nation can be united by a goal,” he opined. 

      Mr. Yushchenko insisted that the bloc formulate a consistent strategy, which will help “strengthen the faction and also the understanding of what this faction does and what goals it pursues.”

      “I think you clearly understand that separatist decisions are unacceptable in a bloc of political parties…,” he said.

      The President and the Our Ukraine leaders discussed recent staff changes in the government.

      “What is happening today in the government arouses many questions, both political and ethical,” he said, adding that ministers “should have new faces whatever colors of political flags they represent and give new hopes.”