“We appreciate the fact that the U.S. stands by our side in our struggle,” Petro Poroshenko said.

He especially emphasized that today the leadership, the president of the United States have proved to be strong and reliable advocates of international law.

"Your country remains a world leader in providing practical assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine," Petro Poroshenko noted, adding that Ukraine's military expenditures have already exceeded 6% of GDP, "a figure much bigger than the commitment of NATO members".

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The president stressed that, with the help of the United States, we were able to "ensure a much more successful development of a completely new Ukrainian army capable of stopping the Russian army, one of the strongest in the world".

Read alsoU.S. Senate allocates $500 mln in security assistance for Ukraine, authorizes lethal aid"We appreciate the advice given by our American partners in the security and defense reform, including General Abizaid, who is also a graduate of the West Point," Petro Poroshenko stressed.

Read alsoUkraine to allocate $6.3 bln for security, defense in 2018 – PoroshenkoThe president recalled the state of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2014 and the legal regulation banning access of NATO experts to the military institutions of Ukraine.

"I do not need to say what forces were behind this regulation. In consultation with our parliament, I ordered an immediate abolition of this regulation. As a result, we can work together on reforming the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And I am very proud that we create one of the strongest armies on the continent together," the president said.

Read alsoUkrainian army to get first batch of country’s newest Oplot MBTs before year-endPoroshenko invited the representatives of the West Point Academy to join the military education project in Ukraine through the partnership with one of the Ukrainian military institutes.

"We are waiting for you in Ukraine, where you can learn more and get your own experience of the hybrid war," he said.

The president gave examples of successful military cooperation between Ukraine and the United States and said that battalions prepared by American instructors showed the best tactics and the lowest level of casualties during hostilities.

Read alsoFirst combat simulation training center opened in Lviv region"Due to the technical equipment already provided by the United States, the number of victims among the Ukrainian soldiers has significantly decreased and thanks to the new defense technology, we can save more lives, both civilian and military," Petro Poroshenko stressed.