Delo newspaper has received a closed decree of parliament’s Speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn, with which he provided himself with an official car and a premise in parliament.

The respective decree #296 was signed by Volodymyr Lytvyn as early as on June 7, 2006 – a month before he was dismissed from the post of parliament’s Speaker. During three years, Verkhovna Rada officials kept silence about the document.

Only recently, the parliament’s committee for regulations, lawmakers’ ethics and material provision of the Verkhovna Rada activities, has forwarded the document to Delo.

In line with the document, all people who occupied the post of Speaker, including Arseniy Yatseniuk and Oleksander Moroz, may expect for special privileges from the state. All Speakers, after they finish their tenure, are provided with cabinets in the parliament’s building, and an official car “for constant work”.

At the same time, every former Speaker gets an advisor and an aide at the state expense.