Chair of the Ukrainian Department of Interpol Kyrylo Kulykov says that Shcherban lawyer’s statements are unfounded and notes that the former governor still stays under Interpol observation, according to Ukrayinska Pravda.

      Kulykov claims that he does not know who Shcherban’s lawyers are and the way they comment Interpol activity is unprecedented, the Interpol chief said to Ukrainian journalists.

      The fact that Shcherban was released on bail made Interpol label “red card” to him, as the former governor may evade the responsibility.

      Kulykov is going to sue American lawyers who blamed him of forgery of the “red card” on Shcherban’s search.

      “I feel my dignity and honor hurt and want to defend them in the court,” the Interpol Chair stresses.

      Moreover, it not the first attacks of Shcherban’s American lawyers on the Interior Ministry and Interpol of Ukraine and Kulykov defines them as “intrusion in Ukraine’s home policy.”

      As was earlier reported, Shcherban’s lawyers accused the law enforcement bodies of Ukraine of being politically motivated and called their charges unreasonable.