Former President’s Chief of Staff Victor Baloha accuses President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko of neglecting professional qualities for the sake of favoritism when appointing people on state posts.

According to the United Center party’s press-service, V.Baloha said this in his statement on occasion of his resignation as the President’s Chief of Staff.

In particular, V.Baloha said that one of the reasons of his resignation was the closest entourage of Victor Yushchenko, which came to power at his will and occupied high state posts.

V.Baloha stressed that, in many appointments, the President followed not professional qualities, but merely family or friendly relations. “You do not care that your own entourage, like corrosion, is eating away the power and the state. When I reported to you about blatant facts, you pretended as if you didn’t hear”, V.Baloha pointed out.

He stressed that during almost three years of his work in the Presidential Secretariat, he suffered from pressure of the President’s entourage, which was trying hard to get rid of the inconvenient Chief of Staff. According to him, his resignation is not an escape from difficulties, but an open protest against attempts of people, close to Victor Yushchenko, to rule the Secretariat. “I never and nobody allowed doing that”, V.Baloha emphasized.