"I think that if we recognize the Russian Federation as an aggressor country and occupier by the law on ending the occupation of Donbas, the executive branch of power, represented by the Cabinet of Ministers and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will certainly be obliged to commit acts and sever diplomatic relations with the aggressor country, the occupier," he told journalists, commenting on media reports that he had allegedly introduced an amendment to the bill that provides for the severance of diplomatic ties with Russia.

He added that this is common practice in the world and is in line with international laws.

"I said that during debates on the final wording of the draft law at the committee I would propose the committee decide that the Final Provisions of this draft should include clauses obliging the Cabinet to bring the situation involving mutual relations between the countries, one of which is recognized as an aggressor and occupier, in line with international law and practice. Of course, this should be interpreted as a severance of diplomatic relations," he said.

Read alsoUkraine MFA on escalation in Donbas: Russia does not need peaceVinnyk also said that he would propose that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine hold consultations with Western partners that the embassy of a third country could become an intermediary in the communication and representation of the interests of Ukraine, its citizens who are in the Russian Federation.

"The Russian media falsely reported that those could be either Belarus or Switzerland – I did not say that," the MP said.

He claims that Belarus is an "unacceptable" option due to the situation with the arrest of a Ukrainian citizen, Pavlo Hryb, by the Russian special services in its territory, as it was Belarus that "directly organized and assisted in the detention of the Ukrainian citizen and his transfer to the Russian FSB."

"Therefore, Belarus definitely cannot represent Ukraine's interests," Vinnyk said.

Yet, the parliamentarian stressed that formally, there was no amendment on the break of diplomatic ties with Russia and it could not be introduced because the deadline for amendments had expired.

"But we, the committee, of course, can recommend that the wording suggested by the committee be included in the text of the law. This practice is well established and normal. If the committee supports my proposal – and I hope it will, such obligation by the Cabinet of Ministers will be included in the Final Provisions," the MP said, adding that it is obvious for anyone that the recognition of the country as an aggressor country and occupier should imply a severance of diplomatic relations.