Arseniy Yatseniuk, MP and leader of the Front of Changes, will take part in the presidential election and expects to win it. He said this in an interview with Profil magazine (#20 (89)).

Asked “If you did not take part in the presidential election, who would you vote for?”, Arseniy Yatseniuk said: “I do not take part in the election, I run to win”.

As it is known, recently Arseniy Yatseniuk has become 35, which allows him to become a presidential contender in line with the Ukrainian Constitution.

Asked whether he assesses his age as an advantage or disadvantage, Arseniy Yatseniuk noted that talks about his age began when he was appointed as the Economics Minister in the Crimean government. “I was just 26 that time”, he said. “It was almost ten years ago, but seems like yesterday”, he added.

Speaking about his sympathies in the world politics, Arseniy Yatseniuk mentioned Tony Blaire, Clinton, and added that one should study from Putin. “As for historical personalities, I prefer Franklin Roosevelt, Conrad Adenauer”, Arseniy Yatseniuk added.