The Council recalled that EUAM had been deployed in Ukraine since December 2014 to support the Ukrainian state institutions in reforming the civil security sector. The mission is one of the central elements of the enhanced support that the EU provides to the Ukrainian authorities in recent years.

Read alsoCabinet approves Strategy of Interior Ministry's development until 2020In particular, EUAM seeks to strengthen and support reforms in government institutions, such as the police, other law enforcement agencies and the judiciary, including the prosecutor's office. The mission provides strategic advice to the Ukrainian authorities, which are supported by operational activities, including training, in order to develop stable, accountable and effective security services, strengthen the rule of law. This process, ultimately, is designed to restore the confidence of the Ukrainian people in their civil security services, who have been accused of corruption and abuse.

EUAM is an unarmed civil mission with headquarters in Kyiv and regional offices in Lviv and Kharkiv. Another office will be opened in Odesa soon.

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