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"The fact that the Russian Federation has stolen part of the territory of Ukraine and Georgia does not bother him [Jagland], the fact that the Russian Federation violates human rights and created a territory of lawlessness in the occupied regions does not bother him either,” Gerashchenko wrote on Facebook, commenting on the concern of Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjorn Jagland that Russia could leave the organization.

“If Europe allows the Russian Federation violating basic European principles and human rights, Europe will remain without Europe, it will be another, degraded Europe, which also does not bother the head of the Council of Europe. And neither does the fact that his statements are personal views as they go against the decisions of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe and PACE resolutions," wrote Gerashchenko.

"We live at the time of a certain degrading of European institutions and their external weakening, including by Russia. You can accept it and go with the flow but you can also recognize the fact try to resist it. The Ukrainian delegation to PACE chooses the latter path, by and large – it is the primary and right one," she emphasized.

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