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"Savchenko continues to dishonor Ukrainians and the state of Ukraine – she has already reached Poland in her efforts. Her curators set her up to perform at Poznan University," the political scientist said.

"Nadiia was, as always, doing her best: she tried to explain the "correct taxation system" (she quickly got confused on the issue and dropped the subject), then declared that it was necessary to eliminate all branches and structure of power [in Ukraine] as such (that is, the administrative structure and state governance system), then praised the concept of "primaries" – but when she was asked to explain what it is, she swiftly and awkwardly switched to another subject..." he wrote.

Read alsoUkraine needs law on collaborators as Minsk accords not working – Interior MinisterAccording to Golobuckij, Savchenko said that "the president in Ukraine is evil," while the war in Donbas had been "unleashed by the government." Also, the politician claimed that the Ukrainian people were willing to start negotiations with separatists.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on February 24 pro-Russian militants said that Nadiia Savchenko had arrived in the territory controlled by "DPR" to visit Ukrainian prisoners. Later in the day, Savchenko said that while in the occupied Donetsk, she met with Ukrainian prisoners, "to support them and hand over parcels from their families".

The SBU security service expressed concern over the fact that Nadiia Savchenko, as an official with access to classified information, communicates directly with the militants from the illegal armed groups behind the contact line.