MP Arseniy Yatseniuk, Front of Changes leader, claims that the Party of Regions and the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko continue talks about their unification.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Arseniy Yatseniuk said this to a press conference in Kyiv on Friday.

“The talks have been carried out very actively. The talks that I call a constitutional plot for the sake of keeping and usurping the power”, A.Yatseniuk stressed.

In his opinion, the talks continue because of the unwillingness of the two political forces to take part in the elections. “Neither Yanukovych, nor Tymoshenko, want to take part in the election, because none of them is confident of the result. It is difficult to forecast results of the presidential campaign, especially for them, for me it’s easier”, Arseniy Yatseniuk noted.

At the same time, the MP believes quite possible the scenario of unification of the Party of Regions and BYuT, as a result of which direct presidential elections may be canceled in Ukraine.