While the article is supposed to tell the audience about the healthcare system of Ukraine within the framework of a touching story of the British neurosurgeon Henry Marsh and his assistance to the Ukrainian colleagues, its red line, Ambassador Galibarenko says, “turned out to be a mixture of the Russian propaganda slogans which the Kremlin is spreading extensively in the Western societies as an instrument of its dirty propaganda”.

Criticizing the claim of “civil war” in Ukraine, the envoy said: “Let me be clear: there is no civil war in Ukraine. The whole civilized world, including all the leading international organizations, namely UN, OSCE and Council of Europe, has already acknowledged that there is the Kremlin’s wide scale military aggression in Eastern Ukraine which started in 2014. It was also clearly stated in the 2016 annual report of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court.”

Read alsoVolker: Russia's aggression in Ukraine fails to achieve its goals, has opposite effect“Gambling with such wording creates a false and misleading perception of what is going on in Eastern Ukraine,” she wrote.

Regarding the “country torn apart by the Euromaidan conflict of 2013”, Galibarenko said that Ukraine and its Western partners had “immediately rebuffed the Russian-orchestrated campaign naming events in Ukraine’s capital in 2013 as ‘Euromaidan conflict or ‘coup d'etat’.” “It was a Revolution of Dignity which showed an unprecedented rise of patriotism among Ukrainians who united against tyranny and authoritarianism and bringing Ukraine again back under the Russian umbrella,” the diplomat stressed.

Read alsoRussia deployed four times as many tanks in Donbas than British army has – KlimkinRegarding the “horrors of endemic antisemitism”, the envoy noted that it was quite surprising to hear such claim especially as Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine Eliav Belotsercovsky and renowned representatives of the Jewish community in Ukraine and Europe, namely Mr. Yosyf Zisels, “have repeatedly said that there is no problem of antisemitism in Ukraine and some single cases are much rarer than in most European countries”.

Read alsoUkraine, Israel at final stage of free trade talks“I would recommend you to talk to them first before planting such false accusations against Ukrainians,” Galiberenko wrote.

Regarding the poverty and corruption, the ambassador admitted that Ukraine certainly had its homework to do in order to achieve further progress on reforms, including on the national healthcare system.

Read alsoWhy EU officials criticize Ukraine“Lots of systemic troubles indeed take some time to be solved. But we definitely shall succeed in our reforms path. Ukraine’s European partners, including the UK, support us on our way and have already repeatedly said that in last 3 years Ukrainian Government achieved more than any other one since my country gained independence 26 years ago,” the ambassador concluded.