Almost half of the interrogated Ukrainians (some 46%) are convinced that during the first 100 days of work of the new government the situation in the country did not change.

      According to the information of the Razumkov Center, according to the results of a poll, some 34% of those polled believe that the situation became worse, and some 11.1% believe that the situation improved.

      This assessment is significantly worse than that of the Yulia Tymoshenko’s government in April 2005 (after 100 days of her government’s activities), the Razumkov Center notes. At that time some 37.3% of those polled believes that the situation in the country improved, some 15.4% - worsened, some 31.2% - did not change.

      The poll was conducted during October 27 – November 1 2006 in all the Oblasts of Ukraine, Kyiv, and Crimea. The error margin does not exceed 2.3%.