Party of Regions and BYuT leaders Victor Yanukovych and Yulia Tymoshenko are considering the variant of joining forces without any official formation of coalition. The main problem in the talks is the absence of guarantees of fulfilling their agreements, Kommersant-Ukraine reports.

According to a newspaper’s source, “after the presidential side kicked off a campaign to discredit the talks, participants of the talks inclined to refuse formalization of a new majority”.

“Their aim is not to form the very coalition, but to re-distribute posts, and, the most important, to introduce amendments into the Constitution. In order to change the Constitution, they do not need to announce a new coalition. It’s said nowhere that namely the votes of coalition are necessary to pass amendments into the Constitution. It’s enough to agree, shake hands, make an advance staff payment, which would guarantee the deal, and the second payment in a form of introducing amendments into the Constitution, which will prolong the authorities of the Verkhovna Rada of current convocation”, the source disclosed.

The source’s information was confirmed by BYuT lawmaker Valeriy Kamchatny: “Coalition is a thing that was thought out in 2004, and that is not very efficient. The most important is to pass decisions, including amendments into the Constitution, which are supported by a majority in parliament, regardless of whether it is formalized into a coalition. Such issues may be solved by a situational or temporary majority”, the BYuT lawmaker stressed.

In their turn, Party of Regions lawmakers give a hostile reception to this variant. “The Party of Regions speaks for formation of a coalition – we will introduce amendments into the Constitution only after that. Without a coalition, we will be a political force focused on minister positions. To get a number of retired portfolios – it’s not our aim at all. Either we will be partners in a coalition, or we will not bargain for temporary preferences”, Party of Regions lawmaker Yuri Samoylenko said to the newspaper.

According to him, the main problem is that there are no guarantees of fulfilling the achieved agreements. “BYuT is not as it used to be – there are groups, which claim about their independence. We are concerned about whether they will fulfill the agreements, that is why the process of forming the coalition has been so long and painful”, Yuri Samoylenko disclosed.