President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko claims he will not refuse his views for the sake of the victory at elections.

He said this in an exclusive interview with UNIAN.

According to him, there are things that must not be changed depending on the beginning of an electoral campaign. In particular, these are the development of statehood, support of the native language and culture, restoration of the historical memory, including the Holodomor issue, the issue of Euro-Atlantic integration, etc..

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“But I would like to tell you frankly, if we are talking about the electoral campaign, and if I understand your question correctly, whether I will refuse [the views] with which I has been leading the nation for five years, whether I will forget about that for the sake of three months, I will say: I won’t do that”, the President noted.

In his opinion, politics is not worthy of that. “Let this post be as attractive as if covered with honey, and let it go to somebody, but it’s not worth achieving by false. It is wrong, and, as for me, it’s difficult. For me, to betray is… I have been going to these values through all my life. It will spell the death of everything”, he said.

At the same time, the President noted that he is an optimist. “I’m confident that the nation, which we are tenderly, with love, calling today Ukrainian, they are no swineherds, believe me, it is a nation that gave birth to Cossacks, a nation that has many fine guys understanding that if you want that tomorrow be stable, calm, and worthy, then it is your task”, Victor Yushchenko noted.