BYuT and the Party of Regions have distributed authorities in government. Ukrayinska Pravda, referring to its sources, reports that six Ministries have been finally given to the Party of Regions’ quota:

- The Ministry of Justice;

- The Ministry of Transport and Communication;

- The Ministry for Agricultural Policy;

- The Ministry of Coal Industry;

- The Health Ministry;

- The Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Out for candidacies, pretending for the posts, only one is already known: Party of Regions sees Vasyl Jarty as head of the Transport Ministry.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Defense Ministry automatically pass to the Party of Regions.

Six Ministries that have been finally given to BYuT:

- The Interior Ministry;

- The Economics Ministry;

- The Fuel-Energy Ministry;

- The Finance Ministry;

- The Ministry of Industrial Policy;

- The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

In case if the scenario of forming the Coalition of Unity and Revival is implemented, the Interior Ministry may pose a problem. According to UP sources, the Party of Regions categorically demands resignation of Yuri Lutsenko as Interior Minister.

On one hand, it is not an issue of principle for Yulia Tymoshenko. Moreover, sources say that the Prime Minister has already mentioned Oleksander Turchynov as one of candidates for the post of Yuri Lutsenko.

The only thing that hampers the BYuT leader to yield this issue to the Party of Regions is that 13 members of the People’s Self-Defense [Lutsenko’s political force] will quit the coalition.

One of the innovations, according to sources, is that the number of Deputy Prime Minister was increased to eight, four of them being appointed from the Party of Regions, and four – from BYuT. So far, it is known that Andriy Klyuyev, Borys Kolesnykov, and Petro Poroshenko may be appointed as Deputy Prime Ministers.

Most probably, the National Bank of Ukraine will be headed by Mykola Azarov. The central bank is the only position in the economical bloc that will be given to the Party of Regions – the rest of economic posts will be given to BYuT.