"Attempts to seize and damage public buildings are an abuse of the right to peaceful protest," the Ambassador wrote on Twitter both in English and Ukrainian.

British Ambassador Judith Gough echoed her Canadian counterpart, saying that he fully agrees with him.

“I completely agree with my Canadian colleague,” she tweeted, repeating Waschuk’s message in Ukrainian.

The U.S. Embassy has also posted a tweet saying: "We agree with our Canadian and U.K. colleagues."

As reported earlier, ex-Georgian president, leader of the "Movement of New Forces" Mikheil Saakashvili said on Sunday after participating in the March for Impeachment and speaking at the rally in Kyiv that “Coordination Headquarters” would be set up at the Zhovtnevy Palace on Institutska Street.

A group of his supporters, clashed with law enforcers who cordoned the building while trying to get inside and broke the entrance doors and smashed windows.

It should be noted that while brawls erupted outside the building, a music show was being held at the concert hall, attended by hundreds of people, including children.

Read alsoGroup of Saakashvili supporters trying to break into Zhovtnevy Palace concert hallThe organizers of the action reportedly called on people to move to the Maidan and not seize the concert hall.

However, some 200-300 protesters remained outside the building, throwing plastic water bottles and firecrackers at law enforcers.

According to the National Police press service, the investigators qualified the incident under the two articles of the Criminal Code: "an attempt to seize state or public buildings or structures", as well as "threat or violence against a law enforcement official".

Read alsoPGO says Kurchenko-sponsored coup plot not among criminal charges against SaakashviliSaid articles envisage imprisonment for up to 12 years, according to the report.

At the same time, while addressing the rally outside the Ukrainian parliament, Saakashvili accused law enforcers of provocations, claiming it was them who started clashes with his supporters.