According to the minister, his statement comes as a response to Lutsenko being discredited by his attacks on new anti-corruption bodies and his powerlessness to bring to court a number of cases vital for the country.

"In this context, Yuriy Lutsenko’s "accidental" meeting in Amsterdam with Ihor Kolomoisky just before the London trial raises even more questions. This way, he discredits before the Ukrainian people and international partners both the president and parliament, who entrusted such an important function to him, and the authorities as a whole, and therefore he must resign. I demand that Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko resign," the Finance Minister told a Kyiv press conference, according to TSN.

Read alsoRuling on special confiscation of $1.5 bln belonging to Yanukovych, allies remains classifiedHe also accused the Prosecutor General of allegedly delaying the process of investigating possible abuses by former top managers and owners of PrivatBank. At the same time, criminal cases are actively being opened against the bank's current leaders, the Ministry of Finance and the National Bank of Ukraine. Their investigation is underway.