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"From January 1, a biometric data registration system will be launched. This is really the first stage. The second stage is [preliminary travel] notice that should be sent to the State Migration Service, and its copy will be forwarded to the Foreign Ministry. And the third stage – it is in the pipeline – is [the introduction of a system to] monitor the movement of Russian citizens throughout Ukraine. That's exactly how it will look like since I said many times that an ordinary visa works only against illegal migration," Klimkin told journalists after laying flowers at the memorial plaque commemorating the first Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleksandr Shulhyn.

Read alsoUkraine to introduce electronic visas for foreigners in 2018"If this all works, we will think about new measures. If we see from experience that this does not work somewhere, then we will think about further measures, and this may be a visa element, but not just a visa that is issued to everyone, but a biometric visa. That's exactly the order of measures," Klimkin said.

At the same time, he noted that different agencies are involved in the process of controlling the entry of Russian citizens.

"Biometrics will be introduced from January 1, and then other measures will be introduced," Klimkin added.

On December 21, a system for recording biometric data of foreigners and stateless persons starting January 1, 2018, was presented at Kyiv Zhuliany Airport with the participation of the leadership of the National Security and Defense Council, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Border Guard Service.