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In particular, answering the question if Russia has enemies today, 66% of the respondents answered affirmatively, 21% said no, while 13% of respondents found the question hard to answer.

Among those who believe that Russia has enemies, 68% called their major enemy the United States, 29% - Ukraine, 14% - the European Union, 10% - the former republics of the Soviet Union (the Baltic states, Georgia, etc.), 8% - Poland, 6% % - Germany, 6% - NATO, 6% - UK, and 5% - radical Islamists (IS terrorist organization).

Some 4% of respondents called Russia’s enemies the countries of the Middle East. At the same time, for 4% of respondents, the enemies of Russia are those "who are in power today (officials, government, "Putin's friends").

Read alsoPoll: Most Ukrainians deem fight against corruption unsuccessfulTerrorism is the main enemy of Russia for 3% of respondents, the countries of the Far East - for 3%, corruption – for 3%, oligarchs and bankers - for 2%, China - for 2%, opposition (the fifth column, Navalny) - for 2%, Russophobes and Westerners - for 1%.

At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin and liberals got 1% each on the list of enemies of Russia.