“Our Ukraine” thinks, that situation in gas supply field impends over national security of Ukraine, according to the Our Ukraine web site. Policy of Acting Government & “antirecessionary coalition” caused increase price on gas up to 130 $ & growth rates on municipal services in 3 times, because of opaque negotiations. Most of inhabitants are placed in an awkward situation, because of impossibility pay the new rates.

      Nearly the same dangerous situation formed at the inner gas supply market, where “UkrGasEnergy” is an actual monopolist on this field & it stopped supplying 16 industrial enterprises with natural gas. “Our Ukraine” party upholds President’s Victor Juschenko actions & insists on conducting a transparent investigation of “UkrGasEnergy’s” monopoly role. We demand limitation of monopolist’s actions & diminution of “UkrGasEnergy’s” license volume on natural gas sale by this company at the inner market of Ukraine from Cabinet.

      We are convinced, that power security of Ukraine & reasonable prices on municipal services could be guaranteed only in condition of corruption schemes liquidation, free competition & transparency.