"I underline the fact that as a result of thorough efforts of our team, today we are seeing positive news that the Javelin anti-tank complexes will be supplied to us as defensive weapons at the expense of the U.S. funding," he said.

As UNIAN reported, today, January 17, head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Gen. Viktor Muzhenko expressed his conviction that the Javelins would not fall into the hands of Russian-led forces in Donbas.

Read alsoUkraine vows to use U.S.-made ATGMs to respond to Russian provocations in Donbas"In order to get such weapons, we need to have appropriately prepared places for their storage, because there are requirements for that. All these issues have been worked out, we have already identified such places, their preparation continues and there will be no problems at the sites where such weapons will be stored," he said. "Nobody is going to hand [the systems] over, give away, or even, let's say, abandon them on the battlefield. This is the equipment to be introduced into the arsenal of the Ukrainian army to enhance the capabilities of the Armed Forces as an element of deterrence in countering the Russian Federation," he added.

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