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"I think that the Poles are our friends and our common slogan should be 'For Our and Your Freedom!' Of course, we have our own understanding of our historical past, but we will discuss it with our Polish counterparts on the basis of our friendly relations," Klimkin said at a press conference on the results of Ukrainian diplomacy in 2017 and priorities for 2018.

Read alsoUkrainian-Polish Commission on history to meet next month - AmbassadorIn his words, it is necessary to stop speculation and the politicization of such issues.

"As early as in the middle of February, Deputy Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko is going to Warsaw where he and the Polish Minister of Culture will discuss how we can ease some tension that exists around these issues. I have agreed on a meeting with Poland's Minister of Foreign Affairs late in February. We've got much to talk about," he added.

Klimkin also expressed confidence that the historical issue would not divide Ukraine and Poland.