Photo from UNIAN

Editor-in-chief of the online newspaper Ihor Huzhva has said death threats were behind his decision to flee to Austria to seek asylum there.

"I used to receive threats, including death threats. In such a situation, with no hope for a fair trial and with reasonable apprehension that the whole state machine has been working and will continue to work to put me in jail and government-controlled groups will attempt to assassinate me, I've decided to apply for political asylum in Austria," he told TV Channel 112 Ukraine.

Read alsoSBU conducting searches in editorial office of in state secret leaks probeIn addition, Huzhva said that attempts to attack him had already been made.

"I was attacked by members of the C14 [nationalist] organization pending the New Year [holidays]. I reported to the police, but they refused to open a criminal case," he added.

As reported earlier, Huzhva left Ukraine for Vienna and applied for political asylum in Austria.

The editorial office said Huzhva remains to be editor-in-chief and will continue to perform his duties from abroad.