Today’s Gov scheduled work, as Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych noted while opening the session of the Cabinet, is marked as a special day, according to the press-office of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. As you know, two years ago the events called an orange revolution took place. No matter what an attitude one may have toward this page of our history, it is a reference point of new relations in our society, new understanding of relations between power and citizens. And I am confident, taking into consideration this new understanding, now we will build a new development strategy of our country for the future outlook.

      We have more than once expressed our point of view and opinion toward these events. Undoubtedly, people have changed their attitude but the principles which people followed under flags of different colours still remain unchangeable. They dreamed about better life, better fortune, they wished changes in our country would promote it, they wanted freedoms, Viktor Yanukovych said. And I think it is natural for every person. We also understand the nature of these dreams because during these years we built together an independent country. During this process happened a lot of unjustice which induced people to such actions as in autumn of 2004. Today, we can say that these events, on the one hand, have divided the society and, on the other hand, have given us an opportunity to see each other, and the closest company, and even our families with different opinions toward these events.

      But the time has come to unite, the Ukrainian PM stressed, and we see that these processes are progressing in the society. The progress at the political level is also very important. We have repeatedly spoken about it in our anti-crisis coalition, with Oleksandr Moroz, and with Petro Symonenko. We support democratic values and will spare no effort for developing stable institutions of democracy in Ukraine.

      For many years to come we will remember that difficult time of the end of November 2004, the time which has changed us and which kept unchangeable our moral principles being a basis of our life, Viktor Yanukovych said. I wish while recalling those orange and blue-white days of our history, we would feel that we are approaching in our convictions and sympathies a common so called political colour, a colour of our state flag, to realize our consolidation, strength in unity and sovereignty of independent Ukraine.