Our Ukraine Bloc (NU) is not going to team up with the anti-crisis coalition, NU member Olexandr Tretyakov declares, according to Ukrayinska Pravda.

      “NU leadership won’t move forward the anti-crisis coalition, we have done with it. We don’t need such invention as a broad coalition of democratic forces either. NU is in opposition and that`s enough!” he said in an interview with UNIAN news agency.

      Slight hope to resume any talks may loom if the anti-crisis coalition denies its fixed ideas and communists slogans, becomes the EU-oriented (NATO is the first step to reach this), carries out inner reforms and provides really transparent privatization.

      “I say this as a politician, but I have no reasons to believe coalitionists as a sober man. We have quite opposite ideology and notions of moral. We differ in major principle issues,” Tretyakov resumes.

      When asked whether NU wants to cooperate with Yuliya Tymoshenko Bloc (BYuT), he answered:

      “Tymoshenko joined forces with us neither in 2002 nor in 2005, but we are going to coordinate our position with her. We are ready to carry on a dialogue with BYuT and to celebrate the jointly gained Liberty Day.”