Photo from UNIAN

Ukraine's Permanent Representative to the Council of Europe Dmytro Kuleba says that following Crimea annexation and the outbreak of the Donbas war, Europe “jumped above its head”, introducing an unprecedentedly tough sanctions policy towards Russia.

He noted that this proved to be a really hard step for many European states because of their close ties with Moscow.

"Ukraine should be grateful to Europe for its support at the most difficult moment of its recent history," Kuleba told the Novoe Vremya weekly.

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At the same time, he noted that the problems that ensued in the EU have shown that it is becoming increasingly hard for the Europeans to reaffirm their tough and assertive stance.

"A number of influential players are tired of confronting Russia, and not only [Russia]," the diplomat said, adding that "Europe is ready for compromises because it is unwilling to fight. This Europe seeks well-deserved peace and prosperity."

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