In these minutes at the Kyiv city State Administration the mass meeting against the economically groundless decision of Leonid Chernovetskyi about the increase of municipal services rates near Kyiv city state administration must take place, and also with the requirement of the special plenary meeting at the instance of 43 deputies, who belong to the interfactional union “Democratic Kyiv”. The deputy of Kyiv city Council, member of "Our Ukraine" faction Olena Ledovskyh told this to the site RAZOM.

      According to her, about 10 thousand of Kiev inhabitants will participate in the mass meeting. Olena Ledovskyh reported, that deputies of three factions and certain out-of-factional deputies gathered in the Kyiv Council hall and signed up a document about the deposit of beginning a session on the 45 minutes, in order to wait till the mass meeting completion. “Resolution and appeal to President, Cabinet, mayor of Kyiv and deputies of Kyiv city Council should be resolved on the mass meeting. We would like this document has been discussed on the city Council session. That is why we postponed its beginning”, – she explained.

      Also Olena Ledovskyh reported, that deputies registration closed at 10 a.m. sharp. After directions of deputy Oles’ Dovgyi, those who arrived 1 minute late weren’t registered.