Members of the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies have reportedly detained Mikheil Saakashvili, the leader of the New Forces Movement Party in Ukraine and ex-president of Georgia.

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Saakashvili's press attache Daryna Chyzh said he was detained while he was dining.

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Speaking in a comment to the TV news service TSN, Saakashvili's associate, David Sakvarelidze, confirmed the politician's detention.

"Mikheil was detained by special forces personnel, he was taken away in an unknown direction," he said.

According to TSN's sources in the law enforcement agencies, Saakashvili was detained at the request of the State Migration Service of Ukraine.

The politician is reported to have been detained by people wearing masks and the insignia of the State Border Service. They arrived in three white Volkswagen vans.

A short video clip has been posted on Saakashvili's official Facebook page. 

The video contains coarse language, viewer discretion is advised.