New Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetskiy took oath today.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, the ceremony of taking the oath was held at the recent session of the Kyiv City Council of the fifth convocation.

Upon receiving the certificate of the Kyiv Mayor, L.Chernovetskiy thanked all the Kyiv residents for supporting him at the elections on 26 March. He noted that he worries “because everything that is taking place now is very unusual”. The new Mayor stressed that Kyiv residents will always remain in his heart.

“I have no complaints about those who failed to come to this meeting, as well as to those who voted for my opponents, or the opponents, who used to say different horrible things about me… There is the truth, and there is God, who is always with me”, said he.

He pledged that all his deeds will be moral, and nobody will be ashamed for his future actions.

L.Chernovetsky thanked Interior Minister Yuri Lutsenko and Kyiv police chief Vitaliy Yarema, who, according to his words, prevented the frustration of the elections in Kyiv and “did not allow me to win with a colossal advantage of more than 150 thousand votes”.