Victor Yushchenko has told foreign journalists in Kyiv the establishment of a new political tradition is the major result of the year 2006, according to the President`s press-office.

      The President said there were three components of this result: the rise of real democracy, the initiation of a nationwide political dialogue and the irreversibility of the country’s foreign priorities.

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      He believes democracy, which Ukraine sought to achieve for many years, helped conduct the first democratic election, form the parliamentary majority and coalition, and observe human rights and freedoms.

      “It helped considerably stabilize the political situation in the country. We have no reasons for splits or conflicts now,” he said.

      This democratic stability also reinforced economic reforms and attracted investments (UAH 3.5 bln in the past ten months). The national economy is being legalized and the consumer market growing rapidly. Ukraine boasts high macroeconomic achievements. This year’s GDP rate is exacted to be 7%.

      Ukraine started a political dialogue in 2006.

      “These steps have one logic: a common goal is what can unite political forces,” he said.

      The President described the National Unity Pact as a good example of a public discussion involving political forces, adding that it had laid the foundation for the actualization of Ukraine’s domestic and foreign agenda.

      He admitted there are some problems as far as the observance of the political agreement is concerned and said Ukraine’s society expected actions from those who signed the Pact.

      “These conclusions greatly depend on constructive work of the parliamentary majority and government,” he said.

      Mr. Yushchenko thanked members of parliament for supporting his anti-corruption and judicial reforms.

      “Very soon, we will receive new laws to implement judicial reform and fight corruption, which will formalize this direction,” he said.

      The President commended Ukrainians for managing to prevent confrontation but admitted the situation is still quite tense.

      “Constitutional reform must be continued. This is my key demand. And I will implement it using all available tools,” he promised.

      Speaking about the irreversibility of Ukraine’s foreign priorities, Mr. Yushchenko confirmed that Ukraine was determined to join the European Union and NATO.

      “I would like to repeat: All responsible and sensible political forces in Ukraine know that Kyiv’s foreign course is irreversible. We explained this signal to our major international partners,” he said.

      Mr. Yushchenko thinks there is some misunderstanding as far the strategy is concerned. He opined the politicization of the issue would not benefit Ukraine.

      “I want Ukraine to have one voice,” he said.

      The President suggested continuing integration efforts and ending tensions by holding roundtables and discussions.

      He said the establishment of pragmatic relations with the EU, the development of the dialogue with Russia and improvements in Ukraine’s relations with the Unites States were among the country’s major international achievements.

      He welcomed the adoption of WTO bills and said Ukraine would start a free trade agreement talks with the European Union as soon as it became a WTO member.

      “Ukraine has always been a responsible and reliable partner. The President who is authorized by the Constitution to implement foreign policy confirms Ukraine’s aspiration to play an active role in international processes. We see our goals and know how to achieve them,” he said.