In the village of Moryntsi, Victor Yushchenko said the process of forming a democratic coalition in the Verkhovna Rada “goes smoothly and normally.” 

“I think the most effective thing I can do to help the coalition parties is to communicate with each of them,” he said, according to the President’s press-office.


The President opined that the process should be multistage. “When saying ‘multistage,’ I say that certain things must be done between the ending of the election campaign and the actual formation of the coalition. We must climb these stairs carefully, not jumping over some of them,” he explained.

When Mr. Yushchenko was asked about his vision of the process, he said the parties “took the first step when they signed an agreement to form the coalition.”

The Head of State believes they should now formulate a political agreement addressing challenges that might appear “soon after the coalition starts working.”

He reminded those present that it would have 243 votes and “so only seventeen reserves” and suggested that they “approach all controversial issues very delicately.” The President added that there were up to twenty issues that call for compromise.

“It is better to reach understanding now not to ruin the coalition in five months,” he said.

Then Mr. Yushchenko said the next stage would be to ratify the political agreement. When asked what he thought about Our Ukraine’s refusal to fully ratify the Thursday protocol, whose sixth point might be used by former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to regain her post, the President replied, “This point explains how to form our government, and I would say it is a bit personal.”

He reiterated that it would only be appropriate to discuss posts when they agreed on common principles.