. Victor Yushchenko has told foreign journalists in Kyiv Ukraine needs rational constitutional changes to help balance powers, according to the President`s press-office.

      The President reiterated that the changes adopted in Ukraine [in 2004] and their “extremely contradictory essence” had resulted in the complication of relations between the branches of power.

      “The goals of this reform must be achieved. However, it has, unfortunately, made relations between the institutions of power more complicated, creating no balances and understanding,” he said, adding that power struggle in the country was "unconstructive and wrong."

      Speaking about the consequences of these changes, the President said: “The key problem which we faced two years ago is that the whole country depended on the mood of one person in Bankova Street. Today, the country wakes up and depends on the mood of another person in Hrushevsky Street. It did not give any peace. Our parliament became more dependent and it is losing many democratic principles because of that,” he said.

      “We must clearly admit that the revocation of the changes will lead to the revival of authoritarianism in Ukraine. However, I assure you I will spare no effort to never let it happen,” he said.

      Mr. Yushchenko insisted that they should act in an exceptionally constructive manner. He suggested forming an impartial constitutional commission and holding a discussion nationwide to speak about the most significant amendments. He also said a referendum on constitutional reform might be held in Ukraine.