Victor Yushchenko has told reporters the refusal to dismiss Security Chief Ihor Drizhchany shows that some parliamentary forces ignore the country’s laws and wish no dialogue, according to the President`s press-office.

      The President said Drizhchany “was dismissed in accordance with law,” adding that the problems in the Verkhovna Rada “were caused by destructive processes triggered by constitutional reform.” He said Mr. Drizhchany was a military officer and so adhered to the Armed Forces Statute. He asked the President for resignation and I accepted it, he explained.

      “The rule of law has been preserved in this legal procedure,” he said.

      In his comments on the political aspect of the issue, Mr. Yushchenko said the situation was an illustration of unexpected consequences of the constitutional changes.

      “This example shows that what was done to the Constitution was done hastily and creates many problems in how to manage the country,” he said, calling on Ukraine`s political forces to compromise.