Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych states that President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko should get determined on a new candidature for the post of Foreign Minister if not the Parliament will take this decision, according to the CMU press-office.

      “It would be better if President get determined if he does not then Parliament will take a decision”, the Head of Government told journalists.

      Viktor Yanukovych stressed the decision must be taken as soon as possible as “the state cannot long stay in the situation, when the Foreign Minister doesn`t work."

      According to Prime Minister, the Cabinet of Ministers considered an incident of non-admission of Borys Tarasyuk to the Government session. We decided to address the Parliament and President concerning this situation and to take a decision on appointing an acting Foreign Minister, Viktor Yanukovych said.

      The Head of Government reminded that according to the Provision on the Foreign Ministry, the First Deputy Foreign Minister must be appointed acting Foreign Minister.