Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk will sue Party of the Regions MPs in the Prosecutor General’s Office for hooliganism, according to the Ukrayinska Pravda.

      As was earlier reported, those MPs prevented Mr.Tarasyuk to attend the regular session of the Cabinet of Ministers Wednesday.

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      The Foreign Minister recalled that the ruling of the Shevchenko District Court had suspended the Verkhovna Rada decision on his resignation. In Mr.Tarasyuk’s opinion, this ruling is binding for all the citizens of Ukraine.

      Denying objections that the lower court cannot invalidate the Verkhovna Rada decision, Tarasyuk cited explanations of the Constitutional Court. They say that a person may apply to the lower courts in regard to either appointments or resignations made by the President or the Verkhovna Rada.

      So, it emerged that Party of the Regions MPs “had committed unlawful actions and arrogation.”

      Being asked why he did not seek Mr.Yushchenko’s protection, Mr.Tarasyuk answered that he did not want to distract him from job.

      In his turn Our Ukraine member Mykola Katerynchuk presumes the incident with Tarasyuk vividly demonstrates that the governing coalition encroaches upon the President’s authority.

      It’s obvious that the Prime Minister does not want Mr.Tarasyuk to work for the Cabinet of Ministers. But he does not understand that, although this is a coalition government, the President has the right to nominate some ministers as well.