Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych suspects that the opposition has launched an information war against the ruling coalition. He said that in his interview with Izvestiya V Ukrayine newspaper, according to Ukrayinska Pravda.

Mr.Yanukovych blames some oppositionists that they tend rather to return to power than to control the government.

“The opposition wants to hold early parliamentary elections, although it has no legal grounds for that. It ignites tension in society and launches a full-scale information war against the coalition government,” says the PM.

“We’re discredited internationally. Radicals tell foreign leaders that the Cabinet of Ministers usurps power, drives economy to chaos and push the people aside running the country,” underlines Mr.Yanukovych.

He assures that such actions of the opposition has nothing in common with democracy and just tarnish Ukraine’s image.

“It hampers Ukraine’s integration into the European and world structures as well as normal political process within the country,” remarks the PM.

At the same time the Head of the Cabinet assures that the government would like to cooperate with the opposition.

“The state needs a watchful controller and a constructive critic. We want the opposition to be rather our ally than rival, aimed at strengthening economy and democracy,” he adds.

“We establish cooperation with a constructive part of the opposition. Dozens of MPs from opposition factions back us,” says Mr.Yanukovych  amid Party of the Regions refusal to vote for the Law on Opposition a couple of days ago.