Income of candidate to the post of the President Yulia Tymoshenko for last year made up UAH 386.170.

Her income statement submitted to the CEC indicates this.

The salary made up all incomes of Yu. Tymoshenko.

According to the income statement, Yu. Tymoshenko has neither flat, country cottage, transport vehicles nor means on bank accounts.

It is noted in the document that the husband of candidate to the post of the President Oleksandr Tymoshenko earned for year 2008 UAH 2 million 800 thousand, UAH 2 million 797 thousand out of which incomes made up from business activity.

He has a flat with an area of 52.1 square meters, garage and other premises with an area of 255.1 square meters, an automobile Toyota Prado with 4.0 liters.

The husband of Yu. Tymoshenko has UAH 89 thousand on bank accounts and he bought securities worth UAH 2.5 thousand.

Ukrainska Pravda