In Viktor Yanukovych’s opinion a mechanism of cooperation between the Government and Verkhovna Rada is a key achievement of Constitutional reform, according to the press-office of the Cabinet of Ministers.

      Addressing the Government session the Prime Minister said that it is for the first time during 15 years of Ukraine’s independence when executive and legislative branches of power work as a single mechanism.

      Taking into consideration soon ending of the first session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the V-th convocation the Head of Government has commissioned chairmen of profile committees to sum up joint work of the Cabinet of Ministers and Parliament and prepare properly for the beginning of new session.

      “We should think through everything and in February be ready for consideration of necessary bills which create mechanisms for our program implementation. Everybody who is responsible for these bills should report about their readiness”, Viktor Yanukovych said.

      To PM’s opinion, it is necessary now to regulate mechanism of fruitful cooperation between the Cabinet of Ministers and Secretariat of the President of Ukraine. We should leave behind our negative experience in cooperation between the Government and Secretariat of the President and with the President personally.

      “It is necessary to analyze vetoes interposed during the several months of Parliament and Government’s activity. We should take into consideration if the Government made mistakes. If we lack understanding we should try to achieve it. In 2007 we do our best to make this cooperation promote efficient activity of power”, Viktor Yanukovych underscored.