Communist Party (CPU) leader Petro Symonenko says his faction will initiate the President’s impeachment, according to Ukrayinska Pravda.

      CPU member Valentin Matveev claims that the Communists are discontented that Mr Yushchenko has used his right to veto the laws adopted by the Verkhovna Rada. They consider this is a reasonable ground to dethrone the President.

      Mr Matveev urges that CPU “protests against attempts of Mr Yushchenko and his ‘orange team’ to nullify the results of legislative work of the Parliament and the anti-crisis coalition.”

      He accuses the President and his team of “undermining the political situation in the country and provoking early parliamentary elections.”

      The CPU member underlines that such actions “may bury the remains of people’s trust to the President.”

      The CPU statement reads that Mr Yushchenko and his team cannot bear that the Verkhovna Rada and the government have ceased part of the President’s power.

      By vetoing the newly-adopted laws Mr Yushchenko “has launched the war with the Parliament.” Thus the President “showed his irritation and represented himself in an unattractive light.”

      CPU recalls that Mr Yushchenko has vetoed the laws on prolongation the moratorium on land sale and on tightening responsibility for an unauthorized capture of lands.

      Meanwhile Party of Regions member Taras Chornovil does not see any grounds for the President’s impeachment. Mr Chornovil says the anti-crisis coalition is ready to reach mutual understanding with Mr.Yushcheko on the most burning issues.