According to the press release, which was given by Gorshenin Institute to UNIAN, 65 % of Ukrainians think that the crime rate in the country is rather high according to the results of the phone survey conducted by Gorshenin Institute on 13/1109-15/11/09.

The survey shows that more than half of Ukrainians – 65.4% - think that the crime rate in the country is high. Fewer than a third – 28.2 % - say that the crime rate is moderate. Only 5.3 % of respondents consider it to be low and 1.1% could not answer the question.

Almost half of Ukrainians think that the crime rate remained the same over the last year. 40.8 % say the situation got worse. Only 5.4 % of respondents think the crime rate has gone down. 14.2% could not answer the question. 

More than half of Ukrainians (58.6%) fear physical assault or mugging. Almost half of respondents - 49.8 % - are afraid of being robbed or their homes being broken into.  47.5 % of interviewees expressed their fear of being victimized by hooligans, 42.4 % - by scammers. 18.1 % are afraid of corruption in government, 10.9 % - corruption in police. Every tenth Ukrainian – 10.9% - fears racketeering. 1.6 % of respondents expressed their concerns with other types of crime and 8.2% don’t have a position in this matter.

Overwhelming majority of Ukrainians (82.8 %) expressed their fear of loosing their possessions or health. One third of the respondents – 36.5 % - have that fear only once in a while, 26.2 % - rather frequently and every fifth Ukrainian – 20.1 % - constantly feels that fear. Only 9.4 % of interviewees said they never had those fears.

The phone survey “Crime rate in Ukraine” was conducted by Gorshenin Institute on 11/20/09-11/22/09 among 1000 respondents age 18 or older representing all 25 regional centers with the margin of error no higher then 3.2%.